A probationary officer for the Chattanooga Police Department has been arrested for domestic assault.

Chattanooga Police Probationary Officer Lorenzo Caldwell was relieved of duty and placed on administrative leave until an internal investigation reaches its conclusion.

A CPD spokesperson released the following information on Sunday:

The Chattanooga Police Department opened an internal investigation into an allegation of misconduct involving a probationary officer in CPD's Neighborhood Policing Bureau on Sunday, May 19, 2019. CPD launched the Internal Affairs investigation after the victim filed a report with CPD’s Special Victims Unit on May 19, 2019. CPD relieved Probationary Officer Lorenzo Caldwell of duty on May 19, 2019. He will remain on administrative leave until a final disposition is reached in the Internal Investigation.

Investigators with CPD's Special Victim's Unit have opened a criminal investigation after determining that Probationary Officer Caldwell was the primary aggressor in a domestic assault incident. Probationary Officer Caldwell has been arrested and charged with domestic assault.

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