First responders with the non-profit "A Soldier's Journey Home" handed over the keys to a brand new house they built in McDonald for a disabled veteran and his family on Saturday.

Channel 3 was there to catch them take their first steps inside their new home.

Purple Heart Recipient Alex Edwards and his wife saw their completed home for the very first time on Saturday.

"It's kind of overwhelming and we're just taking it all in," his fiance said.

This was after first responders from across the nation had spent the last two weeks building the house from the ground up.

"People took two weeks out of their life, their vacation, their time with family and spent anywhere from 12 to 20 hours working on our house so it's fantastic," Edwards told Channel 3.

Edwards was wounded in the line of duty following an IED explosion in Afghanistan back in 2013. He says after dealing with the difficulties of his injuries, he's grateful to have one less financial burden.

"All those feelings that you have when you walk in your front door and your home. It's like that except for mortgage free and a bunch of your best friends built it for you," he explained.

He's also thankful he was able to develop some life-long relationships in the process.

More than 70 first responders helped bring the home to reality. Edwards says his kids will come home for the first time on Monday.