Karrie Brown almost didn't have a date to prom after an unexpected break-up. Two Hamilton County Deputy School Resource Officer's saved the day after Sue, Karrie's mom called the day of prom asking for help. 

"And I told the woman that I spoke with on the phone, that this is going to be the weirdest request you get today," said Sue.

Deputies Thomas Mitchell and Bruce Cantrelle got the call from their boss, asking if they wanted to escort Karrie to the Shine Prom, a dance for adults with disabilities. 

"So whenever he asked me if I would do that, I was like absolutely," said Mitchell. 

"I was really happy that I got the call and was considered to do it," said Cantrelle.

Both of the deputies are fathers, and they understood how important it was for Karrie to have a date.

"For me as a father I couldn't imagine if that happened to my daughter and there would probably be a little anger I would imagine, taking my daughter's joy away," said Mitchell. 

Cantrelle said he would have wanted someone to do the same for his family. 

"As soon as we got there and her mom introduced us she gave me the biggest hug," said Cantrelle. "The biggest hug I've gotten in a long time, and it felt like she was one of my kids."

Sue said Cantrelle even went an extra step. 

"Well when I saw Bruce Cantrelle came in with a corsage for Karrie, and I teared up because you know just to offer to be here with her was plenty, but that he stopped to buy a corsage for her really meant a lot," said Sue. 

After they were all introduced the nervousness quickly went away, and the dance party began.

Karrie danced all night according to the deputies and her mom. Karrie said her favorite dance move is the sprinkler.

"You couldn't help but smile, my face hurt from smiling at the end of the night," said Mitchell. "And we would both have to tag each other in and out to give each other breaks because we were both just sweating." 

According to Sue, Karrie has autism, down syndrome, and epilepsy among other issues. 

"But it just describes a part of who she is it doesn't define her," she said.

Sue said that Mitchell and Cantrelle came in with an open heart and let loose with Karrie, and that means more than they could even know because Karrie's father died close to ten years ago. She said they set a great example.

"She has no male influences in her life and for them to step up, to be so caring and so accepting of her it kind of renews your faith in man-kind," said Sue.

Cantrelle said it was amazing to put a smile on Karrie's face.

"It shows that we're here for more than just the bad times," said Cantrelle. "We're here to make people's days better if we can." 

Karrie wanted to make sure deputies Mitchell and Cantrelle knew she had some thing to say. 

"I say, thank you," Karrie said.