Officers from across the Tennessee Valley gathered Thursday honoring the men and women who have fallen in the line of duty. It's an annual ceremony hosted by the Chattanooga Police Department. This year, a new name was added to the list of fallen officers: Officer Nicholas Galinger.

Galinger was one of 63 men and women honored.

Galinger’s family was there. His father, Barry Galinger, says coping with the loss of his son is still hard, but his family is grateful for Chattanooga.

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“Chattanooga lost a very good man and we raised a good son. We're very proud of that,” he said. “He grew to love this city and he gave his life for this city.”

With his son's picture and police badge pinned to his shirt, Mr. Galinger watched as a rose was placed in a vase in honor of his son.         

“The hardest part we're dealing with is we will pick up our phone and we will go to call Nicholas and realize there's no one on the other side of that phone,” Mr. Galinger explained.

Mr. Galinger says since his son's passing, the Chattanooga Police Department has become family. Chief David Roddy agrees.

“They're literally a part of our family now and will be forever,” Chief Roddy said. “We lost Nick together but we also will continue to celebrate and miss Nick together.”

During the ceremony, Roddy unveiled a sign that will forever mark Hamill Road, the last place Officer Galinger served the community.

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“Please know that so many agencies from around the world share today your loss and may this tribute serve as a reminder that Officer Nicholas Scott Galinger will never be forgotten,” Roddy told Officer Galinger’s family.

“You'll do a lot of things but you have to find that one thing in your life that you have achieved your star and you're going to know you made it and that's what he did. He achieved his star,” Mr. Galinger said.