UPDATE: More rain means more problems for drivers in the Tennessee Valley, especially those driving on State Highway 68 up Grandview Mountain.

Part of the road is sinking down the mountain.  

Brandon Hollis says with the road down to one lane he and other truck drivers lose money in the process.

"It makes you rethink about going on up there, especially when time matters. Sitting there for two, three, four, even sometimes five minutes, you know, that's minutes that you could have been five or six miles down the road,” Hollis said.

The highway has had issues for some time.

Back in April of 2018, part of the highway collapsed because of heavy rain, which ultimately caused a new stretch of the highway to sink.

TDOT spokesperson Jennifer Flynn says they plan to keep the one lane open at all times to help with traffic flow.

Flynn says crews will be working to fix the issue.

Rhea County Traffic Officer Aaron Loden says he understands the frustration.

"We want the safety of everybody as well as TDOT does, so we stay in constant contact with them,” Loden said.

But if rain keeps causing issues, Hollis thinks it will take more than a patch job.

"If they had done it right the first time, we wouldn't have this problem and that's for a lot of areas," Hollis said. "If the water can't drain, where is it going to go?”

Loden tells Channel 3, they plan to have patrol vehicles on both ends of the mountain to make sure drivers are safe.

TDOT says it's unclear how long repairs will take.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Tennessee State Route 68 in Rhea County remains partially closed after flooding from rains earlier this year formed several cracks in the roadway.

The Rhea County Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Department of Transportation reduced the roadway down to one lane in the area between Bill Cox Lane and Garland Lane.

Temporary traffic lights are in place and message boards warning motorists to be prepared to stop have been placed at the top of Grandview Mountain and near Industrial Park Blvd.

Motorists should continue to expect delays since the speed limit in the area has been dropped to 20 miles per hour.

There are no plans to close SR-68 for slope repairs. “TDOT is planning to keep one lane open with a signal at all times. TDOT is still in the process of finalizing the permanent repair plan, and permanent repairs to the area should start soon. During the repairs, the road will remain open to one lane as it is currently,” according to TDOT's Jennifer Flynn.

This is near the same area that was damaged in April of 2018. That work took TDOT crews several months to complete and closed the road at times for the road repair and slope stabilization.