UPDATE: The Tennessee Department of Transportation has opened the bidding process for the slope stabilization project on US-41 in Marion County.

The low bidder was Dement Construction Company, LLC and the bid was $16,479,135.45.

The contractor will be working to repair and stabilize four different sites on U.S. 41 between log miles 25.20 and L.M. 26.40. The project length 1.2 miles and the estimated completion time is October 15, 2019, according to TDOT.

PREVIOUS STORY: A road that connects South Pittsburgh to Bryant, Alabama is another casualty of the heavy rain this year.

A Channel 3 viewer sent several pictures of the sinking pavement. Even the barriers placed by TDOT are falling down.

Rachel Spears uses TN Highway 377 every day to get to work and grab groceries or other necessary items.

And when she sees part of the highway collapsing, she worries for herself and everyone driving.

"The road is terrible. Like going down the mountain. I've gone down at night when it's foggy and a transfer truck came up and almost hit me. It's just bad,” Spears said.

Especially those who aren't familiar with the road.

"People at night that don't know the road, you know, coming and meeting somebody. If it's foggy, you can't see the barricades because they are following down. So, anybody could easily drive off of that,” Spears said.

And Spears isn't the only one fed up with the collapsing road. Amanda Huckabee lives two miles away from the collapse and says if this problem isn't addressed, it will hurt everybody.

"They know that problem is there. They know the problem needs to be fixed. And they know there is young kids that have to work to get off that mountain. We have no other access unless you go to Georgia,” Huckabee said.

TDOT says the heavy rain this year caused the road to collapse.

Spokesperson Jennifer Flynn says engineers with t-dot are working on a permanent plan for the road.

And in the meantime, they will monitor it and make any necessary repairs, but Spears says that's not good enough.

"They just moved the barricades and they'll make the line closer where the road is narrower. So, they aren't doing anything. The barricades are falling off. There's never anybody there,” Spears said.

Both Spears and Huckabee say multiple highways in the area have been damaged from the heavy rain.

They worry if multiple roads shut down for repair, they don't know how they will get around.