Recently, two motels in the Chattanooga area closed their doors. Now, more people must find alternative places to live.

Finding affordable housing can be a challenge for some.

City leaders and housing officials are trying to help those in need.

Kiviette Jones moved to Chattanooga 13 years ago with her father.

“I just decided Chicago is not a good place to raise children,” Jones said.

She is a single mother of five. Her kids are ranging in age from 5 to 22 years old.

Jones lives at Cromwell Hills, which is an affordable housing complex. She says Chattanooga needs more places to help low-income families.

“I lost my job and with the rent being able to fluctuate based on the income it was able to allow me not to be evicted,” said Jones.

Mike Sabin, Director of Public Housing, knows it's difficult for some families to make ends meet.

He says the overhead cost for construction companies often trickle down to the price of rent.

“Development of new projects can't really keep up with the demand,” Sabin said. “The cost of those projects is high which, leads to high rents.”

He says his office tries to be as aggressive as possible, but over the years it's become harder to get the funds necessary to make a difference.

“The resources for affordable housing through the federal government authorities, state and local sources,” Sabin said.

Jones says moving to Chattanooga was ideal for raising her family, but finding a job making more money hasn't been easy.

“The cost of living is not as high, but the money that is being made in the City of Chattanooga is not enough to take care of families,” said Jones.

According to the Chattanooga Housing Authority, there are 1.3 million families living in public housing across the country.