UPDATE: A volunteer firefighter was injured in a climbing incident Tuesday afternoon at Sunset Rock on Lookout Mountain.

Jordan Madrigal sustained several injuries from the fall, and his condition is unknown.

His brother, Josiah, rescued him.

He says he’s never rock climbed a day in his life.  

While Jordan was climbing, his harness became loose.

"He was about 50 feet up, and the last thing I remember him saying is, 'Take the slack out of the rope because I'm about to fall,'” Josiah Madrigal said.

Josiah immediately lowered his brother down but feared the worst had happened when his brother wasn't moving.

"I hate to say it, but to be honest, I literally thought I was lowering my dead brother. You know, because his eyes, he was knocked out,” Josiah Madrigal said.

But Jordan started breathing.

"The breath kind of slowly started to come back and I was like, 'Thank you, Lord.' Thank you so much.' I knew at that point he was going to be alright,” Madrigal said.

Josiah then called 911.

Chief Ranger Todd Roder with the National Military Park says several agencies were able to respond within minutes of the call.

According to Roder, the timing was everything.

"Having somebody right in the area when the call comes in is pretty lucky. That usually doesn't happen. Especially in an area like this,” Roder said.

Josiah is thankful for how quickly crews responded to help keep his brother alive.

"I'm so glad I made that call because I would not have been able to do that on my own,” Josiah Madrigal said.

According to officials, Jordan was awake and talking to rescuers upon arrival.

He is now recovering at a local hospital.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Tri-Community firefighter was injured when he fell while rock climbing.

Hamilton County EMS and Lookout Valley firefighters were called to Sunset Rock around 3:30 pm.

Jordan Madrigal, 22, was rock climbing with his brother when one of the holds became loose. He fell 30 feet down onto a ledge and landed on his back, Madrigal's brother told Channel 3.

Crews were able to get to Madrigal in around 30 minutes.

He was taken to an area hospital.