If your closet looks like this, it's time to try to make some money off what you don't wear.

Adults have Poshmark the TheRealReal to buy and sell used clothing. But millions of teenagers are using this one: Depop.

Part Ebay, part Instagram and part Pinterest, Depop is one of the easiest ways to shop for clothes online.

Depop has millions, yes millions of people with their own stores. Some are just cleaning out their closet, but many buy and sell items from vintage and rummage stores.

These clothes are hip and popular with teens today. Is it okay to use the word "Hip"?

Prices are fair and some of the nicest items are sold within hours of listing them.

To sell an item, just take a photo, a sales pitch and product information. You definitely need to
make the product look appealing.

People who are making money on Depop use professional pictures. Some are very impressive.

Buyers and sellers are from around the world, so you never know what you might find.

Payments are through PayPal so purchases are protected. Buying and selling items are free, but Depop gets 10% of the sales price.

It'll take some work to create a store and list a ton of items, but users of the app have proven...itcan be a work-from-home business.

That's What the Tech? I'm Jamey Tucker