The man who led deputies on a chase before crashing into the Tennessee River remains behind bars, but the victims he encountered along the way say they're still in shock.

Kendall Speegle was charged with aggravated burglary, evading arrest and reckless endangerment.

Before the chase started Loretta Potter says she caught Speegle stealing from her neighbor’s home.

“I just kind of glanced over but then I noticed it was turning down Bob Long Road and so I thought I didn't recognize the car.”

As she made her way up the road, Potter noticed a white Bronco parked in her neighbor’s driveway.

At the time, she did not know her neighbors were home, sitting on their back porch, completely unaware of know what was happening.

Moments later, Potter says she heard their front window break. When she got closer, she saw Speegle walking out of the home covering something in his hands.

“He came down in front of the house and he saw me and said hi how are you and I said hi back at him and he went on and went to the back of the bronco, threw the stuff into the bronco and then he went on into the house,” Potter explained.

Potter called 911. She says when a nearby deputy responded, Speegle drove off after crashing through her neighbor’s garage door.

“He took off just flying through their yard just spinning and stuff and the deputy turned around and followed him,” Potter said.

Speegle led deputies on a chase for about two hours. They say he stole three different vehicles from homes along the way. Deputies say at one point he held a homeowner a gunpoint.

Rhea, Meigs and Hamilton County deputies eventually trapped him on Eaves Ferry Lane. But Speegle drove into the river. He tried to swim to away, but couldn't out swim the deputies who went out after him.
“I just felt like I was watching a movie or something because it was so weird,” Potter said.

Speegle is in custody in Rhea County with a $10,000 bond. Investigators tell me more charges are pending in other counties.