Inspectors are now revealing the reason for a 30-day shutdown for an East Ridge motel. 

The Housing Commission for the city of East Ridge closed Waverly Motel last week for several code violations.

The city started looking into the motel after a law enforcement officer noticed violations.

Last week, East Ridge police responded to a suspicious vehicle call at the Waverly Motel.

That's when they noticed issues with the building.

East Ridge City Manager Chris Dorsey says a complaint has been filed for code violations.

“The issue is we just can't barge into the room unannounced without any idea of what the violations may be,” said Chris Dorsey.

Now, crews are out trying to make repairs to the building.

Dorsey says he's not sure exactly how many people were staying at the motel, but there are more than two dozen rooms.

He says this is unsafe for everyone in the building.

“Being in rooms where there aren't any active smoke alarms is a serious issue That's the first thing they had to take care of,” said Dorsey.

During the 30-Day Shutdown period, management must show the Housing Commission that steps are being made to bring the building up to code for the motel to reopen. 

That board will make a recommendation to the City Council.

Dorsey says buildings are inspected regularly, but some laws make it difficult to check inside each room.

“That's the interior rooms that we are referring to right now,” said Dorsey. “As for other codes we look at high grass, or other types of exterior building issues.”

We spoke to Waverly management, and they declined to comment.