Students at Cleveland State Community College will get a brand new classroom building for the first time in more than 40 years. 

Tennessee officials approved design plans for a new health and science building as well as renovation plans for the Mary T. Barker Humanities Building. 

President Dr. Bill Seymour said the new building will be 51,000 square feet with multi-function space for classes and activities. 

"It's health and science so our nursing department is in there, medical assistance, paramedics, EMT," Seymour said. 

He said the new facility will give students real experience. 

"There will be a simulated hospital in here that is about as real as it gets in terms of training our students," Seymour said. "So just real hands-on experience where the instructors can see them in an actual setting and provide instruction and advice so they get that real hands-on learning." 

The new building will be located where a parking lot currently sits on Adkisson Dr., which is across from the main entrance. 

It's a project Seymour said is part of the college's new master plan.

"The cost of this building is roughly $20 million," Seymour said. "We also received $5 million, which is going to go to renovate the Mary T. Barker Humanities Building, and that will happen right after this building is completed."

Construction for the new humanities building will start in October. 

Seymour said the building is expected to be completed by December 2020.