Jujaun Lewis says his mom, Latarsha Brady, has been there for everything.

From football games in high school, birthday's and even going to church together on most Sunday’s.

But last weekend, Brady had to miss Lewis' graduation at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga but for an unexpected reason.

"Cause I knew the time would come where she would have her time and I would have mine, but never would I think it would come on the same day,” Lewis said.

They graduated from college on the same day.

Lewis got his degree in finance, while his mom got her associate's degree in dental hygiene from Chattanooga State.

And she did it working full time.

"Having a full-time job and those classes, oh my goodness, that's a lot. A full plate. Aside from having children,” Brady said.

Even at school, Brady says she would have instances where she would be motherly to her younger classmates.

Which is funny and inspiring to Lewis.

"It's pretty awesome. She takes care of everybody. No matter who's in need, no matter who's struggling, she's looking out for everyone. And trying to give them the best possible way they can have everything,” Lewis said.

Lewis spoke at UTC’s commencement. He talked about sacrifice in order to accomplish your goals.

He started smiling when he spoke about his mom and why she really is the hardest worker and best mom he could think of.  

"Thank you for taking care of the family and taking care of everything, instilling me with the attitude of hard work, dedication and persistence,” Lewis said.

Brady says the love and support from her family will always keep her going and wanting to give more.

"So much has been given to us through the grace. I just feel like it’s only right to give back. And that's one thing I did teach him and all my kids. You give back,” Brady said.

Brady plans to continue her education and go through the dental hygiene program at Chattanooga State.

Lewis plans to go back to school as well and get his master's degree.