WARNING: The language in the video may be offensive to some viewers.

UPDATE: Zarcola Jones entered a plea deal to affray and disorderly conduct.

The negotiated plea states Jones will undergo 24 months total probation with the first 100 days to serve in confinement, fines, community service work and anger management classes.

Jones will also have to stay away from the IHOP where the incident occurred and maintain no contact with the customers involved.

Co-defendant Anitra Perkins' case is still pending.

PREVIOUS STORY: A fight that began in the kitchen of a local pancake house later spilled into the parking lot, with the people involved trying to run each over in their cars.

According to the incident reports obtained by Channel 3, Anitra Perkins and Zarcola Jones got into a fight that began with yelling at the IHOP Restaurant on Walnut Avenue in Dalton.

When police arrived they found Perkins and another person in a car which they ordered to stop.

Jones was in another car attempting to run over Perkins, police said.

The parking lot events were just part of the fight in the restaurant's kitchen that may have started over a customer's order being wrong.

Video obtained by Channel 3 showed part of the melee, with the women throwing pans and plates at one another and screaming curse words, all while customers cringed, unsure of what to do.

According to the report, one customer was burned when a pan that contained grease was thrown during the fight

Once the dust settled, both women were charged with aggravated assault, battery and disorderly conduct.

PREVIOUS STORY: Two people were arrested following a fight at a North Georgia restaurant.

Dalton police confirm they were called to IHOP on Walnut Avenue Saturday.

A police spokesperson said two employees got into a fight over a work-related issue.

Details of the incident have not been released.

Ashley Nicole Dodson Green, a customer at the restaurant, posted two videos of the incident on Facebook.

User: Ashley To: link

"IHOP in Dalton Ga, this morning trying to enjoy birthday breakfast for my husband. Only in Dalton. please be advised there is strong language, I also had to yell as my kids were setting there and food was going everywhere and also dishes," Green said in the post.

Green said the fight happened just before noon.

She sent us a description of what happened:

"Yes we was out celebrating my husbands birthday and we decided to go to ihop, once we got there it was really packed for Mother’s Day weekend and seemed really unorganized and busy but we decided to stay as everyone was packed around and we ended up waiting 30 mins or so on a table. We finally got seated and had drinks ordered and food ordered, as we where seating there we heard people arguing in the back then the next thing you know a big fight broke out. I started recording just thinking I would catch a argument I had no idea what was about to come of that argument. Food and dishes started flying I grabbed my kids up to move out of the way as something had hit my daughter in the back of the head not sure what it was she said it has hard but not to bad, that we ended up getting checked at the er for safety reason as we didn’t know what had hit her. Thank god it was minor and she just had soreness and doctor said she would be okay. Everything calmed down and everyone was waiting on getting there meal taken off or whatever was needed from the manger like change etc. but I told my husband to stay as I wanted to get a “free meal” which I really stayed to get her name and number and to leave mine. As I knew I would be taking my child to get checked and I wanted ihop to contact me for those reasons. I was in shock, my kids were terrified and didn’t really know what was happening. It’s something that really shouldn’t have happened they should have been grown and took it outside as it was full of kids and family’s. The manger had no handle on it at all and walked away as she could have tried to stop everything. It happened so fast that no one knew what to do we all just stood there in disbelief."

Channel 3 also reached out to IHOP for comment. A spokeswoman sent us the following statement:

“Our franchisees do not tolerate fighting of any kind between their team members and the outrageous behavior displayed by these two individuals goes completely against what the brand and our operators stand for.”

This is a developing story. Channel 3 will keep you updated as we learn more.