UPDATE: A Chattanooga man is behind bars accused of robbing a home at gunpoint.

Police believe he is also connected to an armed robbery at a restaurant on Highway 58 days earlier.

Anthony Bell, 29, faces several charges including six counts of Aggravated Robbery in connection to both incidents.

Documents show a victim told police Bell, also known as “Tiny Monster,” showed up at her home on Wednesday, May 8 and said he was jiggling her doorknob and pointed a gun to her head.

The victim told police Bell and another man took two Pitbull puppies, a Michael Kors purse, a cell phone and car keys.

Documents show Bell was also a suspect in an armed robbery at Papa John's on Highway 58 on May 2nd.

The victims told police two men walked into the restaurant with guns and forced an employee and a customer into the cooler.

They forced a second employee to open the safe.

"The safe was on a time delay and the suspects thought she was delaying them getting the money, so they racked the slide of the gun and pointed it at her head," the affidavit explains.

They stole several hundred dollars in cash from the safe once it opened.

Investigators noted surveillance video inside the store showed the men took cell phones from several victims and a wallet from the customer.

A few days later, Bell and another man pawned one of the cell phones stolen during the Papa John's robbery, an affidavit explained.

Investigators spoke with the man who said Bell asked him to pawn the phone because he did not have an ID and that Bell said the phone was from his mother.

Investigators pieced the case together using surveillance video from multiple locations, matching vehicles descriptions and witness statements.

On Friday, May 10, an anonymous source told investigators that Bell was last seen in the East Chattanooga area in a gray, small four-door Saturn.

"The source said the vehicle was occupied three times and the parties inside of the vehicle had guns," an affidavit explained.

A BOLO, be on the lookout, was issued for the vehicle.

An officer saw the vehicle a short time later in the 1700 block of Taylor Street. Three people got out of the vehicle and walked to the 1800 block of Arlington Avenue.

The officer spoke with the three people. Bell was identified as one of the individuals, the affidavit said.

The officer obtained the keys from one of the other individuals and had the vehicle secured and towed to the Police Services Center so it could be searched.

The affidavit said Bell was taken to the Police Services Center to be interviewed before he was taken to the jail. An investigator explained in the affidavit that the officer told him Bell was in possession of marijuana when he was detained.

During the ride to the jail, Bell asked the officer if they could go get some money he had stashed away so he could go free. Bell was then booked into the Hamilton County Jail.

The affidavit explained that an investigator obtained a search warrant and searched the Saturn. Several guns and magazines were found inside.

On May 11, an investigator went to a gas station where Bell had been on May 10. The investigator reviewed the surveillance video and saw Bell get out of the vehicle and put a handgun in his pocket.

It’s unclear who the other men are in these cases.

Bell faces charges of:

  • Aggravated robbery (x6)
  • Aggravated child abuse or neglect
  • Aggravated burglary
  • Unlawful carrying or possessing a weapon
  • Bribery of public servant
  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Simple possession of marijuana

Bell is due in court later this week.