An East Ridge Home for the Chattanooga Red Wolves Soccer Team is another step closer to reality.

The city council unanimously approved a sales tax plan to help, last night. One that allows east ridge to get in on the new revenue as well.

East Ridge Mayor Brian Williams said

"It's very exciting what's going on. This is one of the largest developments that East Ridge has ever seen." 

"It's very exciting what's going on. This is one of the largest developments that East Ridge has ever seen." 

Dirt will soon mbe moved on both sides of I-75. East Ridge has okayed tax incenitives for the Chattanooga Red Wolves, and team owner Bob Martino hopes to start

clearing trees for the team's home within two months.

 Williams says

"Of the things when I've been on the council prior to becoming Mayor is, they want more restaurants, more shops, and more things like. That this is a catalyst to drive that."

and City Manager Chris Dorsey says the best part of using the border region retail development district state sales tax incentive.

Dorsey said " : "There's no tax increase or no burden at all on the City of East Ridge residents with this." 

Marissa Bell, Red Wolves spokesperson says "It's creating a community center in East Ridge that will be free to use by everyone across the region." 

It starts with the field on the west side of the interstate. Future plans are for restaurants and retail, apartments, condos, and hotels.

The value of the property goes up helping the city and fore Martino.

Dorsey says "There's an increase in his sales that are being realized and so, the sales tax numbers go up. This is brand new revenue that hasn't been in the city or state before.

That incremental increase in revenue is what's used to help him with part of the financing of his project and part of it goes to East Ridge to help further economic development projects"

A ripple or halo effect... the team gets 97% percent of the incremental state sales and use tax revenues for the project.. The remaining 3 percent goes to the city 

to be used anywhere from 75 to the tunnel to help other commercial areas along Ringgold Road. and the potential dollar amounts are impressive.