NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Tennessee authorities have revealed there was an eighth victim in a mass killing last month and his head was found 25 yards from his body.

Seven warrants were filed Thursday and Friday charging 25-year-old Michael Cummins with first-degree murder. A criminal homicide warrant was filed earlier.

An affidavit says Jim Dunn's body and head were found April 17 near a burnt rural cabin. It says authorities discovered Dunn's missing rifle April 27 at one of the homes where six bodies were found.

Affidavits say the eight victims died from blunt force head injuries. Authorities say two victims were Cummins' parents.

Another affidavit says Cummins fled into the woods the night of April 27. He was shot and wounded by law enforcement officers after brandishing a hatchet and was arrested.

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