A day after Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga filed an action that could clear the way for a union vote, Tennessee Congressman Chuck Fleischmann is weighing in.

The move comes after the National Labor Relations Board put on hold a potential new union election at Volkswagen's Chattanooga production plant last week.

Workers had filed a new petition for all VW hourly employees to vote on bargaining rights. 

Rep. Fleischmann shared his thoughts decision with Channel 3:

"Tennessee has a proud tradition of being a right to work state. I think one of the reasons is one of the greatest economic magnets for business in the country is that we do not have a major labor union presence in Tennessee. This is going to be something though that the men and women who work there will have to make that decison. I do hope that they do not select to be a part of the UAW. i think that's rather disadvantagous."

A vote date has not yet been set.