While members of the Chattanooga Police Department are biking across the country to honor fallen officers, the fight for justice in the case of one of their own officers, Nicholas Galinger, continued Friday morning inside a Hamilton County criminal courtroom. 

Janet Hinds, the woman accused of hitting and killing the Chattanooga police officer, pleaded not guilty in court to two additional charges on Friday after a grand jury indicted Hinds on 10 charges last month.

Galinger's family traveled from out of state to be there.

"Janet Hinds made some really bad decisions. and it's broken our family," Galinger's father Barry told Channel 3.

Nearly three months after the crash that ended officer Nicholas Galinger's life, Hinds's attorney Ben MacGowan entered a not guilty plea on her behalf for charges of Vehicular Homicide by Intoxication and Driving Under the Influence.

"Janet Hinds is on your docket today judge. We're entering a 'not guilty' plea, waving the formal reading and asking the case to be set for discovery status," MacGowan said Friday morning in court.

Inside the courtroom, Hinds was noticeably missing. However, Galinger's father, Barry, was there. He said he wasn't surprised by the not guilty plea. 

"We expected it. She ran from our son and left him lying on the side of the road. I don't expect anything less from her," the grieving father said.

He told Channel 3 he and his wife still have nightmares about losing their son after he was struck by a car while inspecting a manhole on Hamill Road in February. 

"We wake up thinking about Nicholas, and we go to bed thinking about Nicholas," he said.

They're determined to see their son get justice. 

"We're very confident with the District Attorney's Office and the Chattanooga Police Department. They've just been outstanding, and they have our support, and we're really proud to have them helping us," Galinger's father added.

Hinds was not in court Friday because her requirement to appear was waived by Judge Don Poole at the request of her attorney.

She is due back in court on July 11th.