Riverbend is seeing some changes this year, such as the length of the festival going from eight days to four days, and the caliber of the talent.

Chip Baker with Friends of the Festival said all these changes go toward creating a better experience. 

"Starting with the new entrance, then we'll have lights as you come in and you'll feel like you're at a very cool event and the lights will dance with the music," said Baker.

Among the new things for festival-goers to experience is the Ferris wheel from Bonnaroo. There will also be different lounges with a club-like atmosphere according to Baker.

"Created the Lookout Winery Club, we created corn hole and Jenga and a big, big club atmosphere," He said. "And that's just one of the clubs we're also going to have the Jack Daniels Whiskey River Lounge."

Baker said that it all contributes to the overall Riverbend experience. But the key to this experience and one arguably one of the biggest changes is the wrist band. It's not just your admission ticket but your wallet too.

"You can load up $100 or whatever you want to do, we have something called top-up stations, you go (tap, tap) whenever you want it loaded and (tap, tap) whenever you want to buy something," said Baker. 

Also the even with the shorter festival, it will be smaller in size this year. 

"We've gone from five stages to four stages, we've created some new parking opportunities because we are parking challenged," said Baker.

Since Baker said they're admittedly parking challenged, they created a new parking lot to help fight some of those problems.

"What we created this year, brand new, is what used to be the Unum stage is now going to be VIP parking for people who want to pay," said Baker. 

But if you want a space in that new parking lot, you're going to have to pay $20. 

But the one thing that hasn't changed for the festival is security. You still can't have backpacks and no pets are allowed. 

"That's something we start planning eight months out just to go over what we did last year, changes we expect and what we need to do to handle that," said Baker. 

For a full list of security measures and questions about your wristband, visit the official Riverbend official website.