An iconic landmark in Chattanooga will receive several renovations. 

Chattanooga Communications Director Richel Albright said the Walnut Street Bridge will receive several cosmetic improvements in the future such as repairs to the deck, sidewalks repainting and sandblasting. 

She said the city is waiting for approval from the Tennessee Historical Preservation Organization before moving forward with repairs. 

It's one of the main attractions in the Scenic City. 

For many people like Brandon McWilliams, it's how he starts his day. He walks his dog across the 2,370-foot long bridge each morning. 

"Everyday I get to see new people, I see a lot of the same people," McWilliams said. "It's nice to have something where people can like naturally gather around. I mean a lot of places don't have that."

For Barry Wilde, he has seen the transformation of the bridge first-hand.

"This bridge has created pedestrian traffic, something this city has never had before," Wilde said. "It's become a center for people to walk and exercise and enjoy nature and the city itself and the businesses on both sides of the bridge have benefited enormously from it."

He said he supports the city's plans to renovate the bridge, even if it means the bridge may be closed during the improvements. 

"They couldn't put the money anywhere better than that," Wilde said. "It will have an impact but the renovation, in the end, will be worth it because it's had a huge impact on business." 

The bridge itself is structurally sound but due to the age, improvements are needed, according to Albright.