Terrick Thorne, who has been accused of robbing a Domino's pizza worker at gunpoint late last month, is now in custody.

While Chattanooga Police search for two more suspects, they're urging other delivery drivers to use extra caution.

"A lot of these happen when they pull up and they think, 'something might be weird', but they go ahead and get out of the car anyway and that's when something bad can happen," Sgt. Kendon Massengale with the Chattanooga Police Department said.

Something bad did happen to the Domino's driver who was delivering a pizza to a home on West 40th Street from the store location on Tennessee Avenue on the night of April 28th.

"Once the driver arrived on scene, he was met pretty much instantly by three unknown males who attacked him one displayed a pistol hit him in the head with a pistol took the pizza and the cash and then fled the scene," Massengale told Channel 3.

The victim told police the men also tried to steal his car but were unable. Massengale says right now CPD investigators believe the robbery was planned.

"Some of these robberies historically have been to where it's planned and set up this way. They will lure a delivery driver knowing they have cash on them or the food. Usually, the target is going to be to get the cash," he explained.

Though the suspects only got away with about $15 in cash this time, police say other delivery drivers and restaurants should be careful not to have too much on them.

"On these cash deliveries, a lot of businesses will call back to the people and say, 'how are you going to pay?'. If it's an $18 pizza order and they say they have a $20 bill. They're gonna tell them the driver only has like $2 in change for you," Massengale said.

He told Channel 3 the number the suspects used was an internet number, which can be difficult to trace.

For drivers, calling a number back to see if the person answers before getting out of the car is another way to ensure the delivery isn't a setup.