A young woman met the Bradley County 911 dispatcher and firefighters who rescued her from a house fire after she became unresponsive.

The fire happened on Tasso Road.

Surrounded by those she calls heroes, Lindsey Caywood was healthy and smiling. It has been nearly two weeks since she was carried out from a bathroom window, away from flames and heavy black smoke.

“You were in there, and you know the risk was definitely worth the reward,” one firefighter told her.

“They were willing to come in for me, and that's really important,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey says she had just gotten home and was in the shower when a fire sparked in the kitchen. Lindsey's brother, Nolan, who also there, called 911. He says he did not know his sister was inside until he escaped and saw her car parked outside.

“It was pretty difficult, especially at the time with all the uncertainty,” he said.

Two minutes later, Lindsey called on her cellphone. 911 dispatcher Becky Waller, who is a former firefighter, answered.

“Listen, are you inside the house?” Waller asked Lindsey.

“Yes, I can't get out,” Lindsey responded while coughing.

“The fact that she was inside and on the phone with me you know until she essentially passed was just difficult,” Waller said. “Just had to get someone there and get them there quickly; very quickly.”

Waller guided firefighters to Lindsey using their pass alert system. Lindsey was rescued within three minutes. Firefighters had to revive her. She was sent to the hospital to be treated for internal burns.

Waller says she didn't know what happened, but on Thursday she heard Lindsey's voice for the first time since the 911 call.

“It's just amazing,” Waller said. “I'm just happy she's fine.”

Lindsey told us meeting the firefighters and Waller is surreal.  

“Putting a face with the voice, you know, it's nice,” she said.

Fire Chief Shawn Fairbanks said this was the first fire-related save in the department’s history.