A local church has launched a project to give back to the community.

It’s called a Blessing Box, and it is set up in the parking lot outside of Graysville United Methodist Church.

“It’s a very simple concept. Take what you need, leave what you can,” church member Davied Masner told Channel 3.

Masner built the wooden mailbox-style box that is filled with food so anyone in need can access it at any time of the day.

“God has blessed me and he did not bless me to sit around and do nothing so if this had not worked we would have tried something different,” Masner said.

The church’s men’s group got the idea from their sister church, Newnan Springs United Methodist Church.

Masner said they thought it was a great concept and decided to give it a try. Three months later, the box has become very popular in the community.

“It’s becoming more of a community box which I think will give it life in the long run,” Masner said.

Masner checks on it every day to make sure the food hasn’t spoiled and the box stays dry.

People can take food anonymously and never have to explain their need, however, sometimes they leave a prayer request or note.

“They tell us they needed it, and it was here. They’ve asked us to pray for various things in their lives. I even came in one morning and found money,” Masner told Channel 3.

Masner calls the food a “band-aid” for people who are in a tough situation.

He said it’s a good feeling to know the church can help them.

Church members constantly restock the blessing box when they need to and are always accepting donations.

They hope this small act of kindness will make a difference for their neighbors in need.

There are also two little free library book boxes outside of the church. The concept is the same, take a book return a book. They have children’s books and books for adults too.

Church members recently planted a garden behind the building and say they plan to give away free fruits and vegetables in the future.

Graysville United Methodist Church is located at 2331 Graysville Road in Ringgold.