The burglary happened at midday on May 5th while the victim was temporarily away from their vehicle.

"A lot of the times, if you leave something visible, someone's going to break into your car to get it," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. "She was out for lunch and, so it was around lunch time on Cinco de Mayo."

Police say he stole a wallet from the vehicle and did not linger at the scene.

"Within one hour of the victim noticing that her car was burglarized, the credit cards were used multiple locations," Miller explained. "The suspect immediately went up and down 23rd Street to the liquor store, Family Dollar, different things on 23rd Street there and used the credit cards fraudulently."

Each of those incidents is a crime. From those purchases we get four photos.

If you know him, Miller says, "You should recognize him immediately. A black male, medium height, medium build, looks like he has some facial hair. Look at the photos you will know who he is."

Investigators believe he is local, maybe even to the neighborhood. So, if you do not know him, but maybe have seen him, we still want to hear from you.

"A lot of people use 23rd Street and that area in order to get to and from work, so you may pass by a suspect that looks like this person," Sgt. Miller added. "Call, let us know where you saw them."

Remember, with the Crime Stoppers program, we will never ask you for your name.

"If you're a friend or family member or neighbor, call in," said Miller. "No one will ever know that you called."

In the meantime, we can all work on remembering to lock our doors and not leave valuables in our vehicles.

"You know, we are all victim of circumstances sometimes. We all, sometimes, forget to lock our doors," Miller said. "Even if your car is unlocked or if you leave something in plain sight, you know, that's your property. It shouldn't be taken. Criminals do take advantage of that."

If you know this suspect, you have already recognized him. You just need the number to the Crime Stoppers hotline: 423-698-3333.

That line is manned around the clock. Call with confidence. We will never ask who you are. Instead, you will be issued a case number.

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