UPDATE: The City of East Ridge decided to shut down the Waverly Motel for the next 30 days after inspectors found multiple violations with the facility Tuesday afternoon.

According to the inspection Channel 3 obtained, the motel had numerous issues like mechanical and electrical violations.

Newly released photos show wires duct taped and exposed, AC units without wire covering, open outlets and even sewage build up.

"The thing that literally bothered me the most was a sink. Like a bathroom sink on a vanity that was filled with black water that looked like raw sewage,” Lynda Stephens said.

Stephens, who is with the city of East Ridge, recently told us not only is this a problem for the tenants living there, but the motel is an image problem for East Ridge.

"You know, it's not just the way it looks, it's the reputation,” Stephens said.

The inspection also states the motel is filled with insects and housekeeping isn't performed daily, making it unsafe for anybody to stay in.

James Baldwin says he stayed at the Waverly Motel the weekend before it was shut down.

He says the pictures only show part of the problems with the motel and no one should have to stay in those conditions.

"You only live one time in this life. When you travel, travel for the best. Don't settle for less. It's simple,” Baldwin said.

Stephens says if management fixes these issues and makes a complete identity change for the motel, she would have no issue for them to reopen for business.

The city and motel management will have a meeting on Monday at 5:30 pm to discuss their next steps.

PREVIOUS STORY: An East Ridge motel has been temporarily closed due to unlivable conditions for tenants.

Inspectors say the Waverly Motel violated state law.

The city council told management they can't rent a room to anyone while they're closed.

Lynda Stephens with the city of East Ridge says the photos she saw of the Waverly Motel were disgusting.

Stephens believes any motel should be up to code for both legal and moral reasons.

"Building codes are very important, but so is giving someone a safe place to live. I don't care who is renting, you need a safe, clean environment,” Stephens said.

An emergency city council meeting was called Wednesday afternoon where the vote to temporarily shut down the motel for the next 30 days was unanimous.

Inspectors found broken smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, but those weren't the first or the worst problems they saw.

"The thing that bothered me the most was a sink, like a bathroom sink on a vanity that was filled with black water that looked like raw sewage,” Stephens said.

Two people were taken into custody from the property on Tuesday afternoon.

A man was said to have been found in possession 18 grams of methamphetamine and a prostitute.

Officials say they even found a used syringe outside of a room where a child was staying.

It's something Stephens says is unacceptable.

"It's not just the way it looks, it's the reputation,” Stephens said.

Kristen Climack and Melissa Wooten live a few hundred feet from the motel and say they have found used syringes outside of their homes. They even had items stolen from their homes.

"Suitcases of my clothes, my kids’ clothes, my husband's clothes, everything gone,” Climack said.

They believe the city of East Ridge shouldn't give this motel a second chance.

Motel management tells Channel 3 they have addressed most of the issues noted by inspectors and will cooperate with the city.

The city council plans to meet again on Monday at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the next steps in this process.

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ORIGINAL STORY: East Ridge city officials are temporarily shutting down an extended stay motel, following an emergency meeting on Wednesday to address the living the conditions.

Officials say inspectors found multiple issues at Waverly Motel on McDonald Road, which forced residents off the property.

Attorneys for the motel's managers say the issues found by inspectors have been addressed. The attorneys say management will work with the city to continue addressing the issues found by inspectors.

The East Ridge Council ultimately passed a motion to close the motel for 30 days.

The council plans to visit the property and hold another meeting on Monday.

Channel 3's Jake Chapman is at the motel and says eviction notices are being placed on residents' doors.

East Ridge police are also at the motel to make sure no rooms are rented.

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