One of the owners of Sunset Memorial Gardens, Dale Lawrence, visited the property Tuesday to check on it and speak with concerned family members. 

Sunset Memorial Gardens has been the subject of several investigations, including getting shut down six years ago, and a $500 fine in 2018. 

One of those family members was Jim Floyd who spoke with Channel 3 last week. He showed us pictures of tall weeds and grass on his loved ones’ graves. 

Channel 3 tried to speak with Lawrence during his visit on Tuesday since he was in the office but he told us, "no comment."

Even though he said no to us he spoke at length with Floyd. Floyd said Lawrence told him it was because they had one maintenance worker at the time who had gotten behind. 

"Maintenance problems with mowers and weed eaters and hiring people. They can't keep people to work,” said Floyd. “But they do have two people out there full-time now.”

Floyd said he felt better when that maintenance worker told him he had a personal interest in keeping up with the grounds.

"When I talked to the maintenance guy named Joe, he explained that he has eight family members buried out there and he takes pride in keeping it up,” he said.

Even though Floyd feels somewhat reassured, his complaint that he filed this past week with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance still stands.

"You know coming over I got a call from somebody at the Department of Commerce and Insurance explaining that they have received my complaint and that they would go forward with my complaint and see what they could do,” Floyd said.

For now, he’s going to hope Lawrence stays true to his word.

"I'm willing to give him a chance and see what he's going to do. But if he doesn't, I'm going to continue,” said Floyd.

Channel 3 is still waiting on the open records request with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance to find out just how many complaints, including Floyd’s, have been filed against the cemetery.

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