The Chattanooga Airport is giving its passengers one more reason to love flying non-stop with the newly-added direct flights to Philadelphia.

"There's so many options now direct from Chattanooga," Travel Agent Brooke Towe said.

This weekend was the first of many where flights out of CHA through American Airlines went directly Philly.

"It's convenient, it's simple and they've really made it functional and affordable for everyone," Towe told Channel 3.

It's got some people in town excited to see more local travel destinations available without all the hustle and bustle.

"A lot of people who do travel from Chattanooga, one of the recurring problems is having to go like Nashville or Atlanta to go somewhere else," passenger Antony Zermeno explained.

That'll no longer be the case for passengers wanting to fly out of the Scenic City and into the City of Brotherly Love.

"You don't have to get there as far as going through another airport. I think as far as Philadelphia that opens up more options," Towe said.

Zermeno says he believes it will benefit more than Chattanoogans.

"As it opens the opportunities for people in Chattanooga to go to Philadelphia, I think it also opens the opportunities for people who live in Philadelphia to come to Chattanooga and kind of see the things the South has to offer," he said.

Towe says since the airport has added more flight destinations, she's had an influx of clients requesting that she check "CHA" before booking at larger nearby airports.

"I have so many clients who use Dallas. Chicago, that one is also very very popular from Chattanooga," she said.

Chattanooga resident Anthony Zermeno says it's the convenience of a smaller airport and less hectic atmosphere he loves.

"Chattanooga Airport is just a really good combination of big city airport, but still the welcome of like a hometown style," he said.

Both agree it's all just an incentive to travel more. The new American Airlines route was announced by CHA on Friday and will include one daily departure with passengers flying on a 50-seat regional jet.