In the middle of the largest measles outbreak in decades, Tennessee is shutting down one of its most useful tools. The measles hotline is disconnected, which anyone could use if they have questions about the virus.

For the last six weeks, anyone with a question about the measles has been able to call a state hotline with any and all questions. That was until Friday.

With it being on so many minds this week, we wanted to find out for you what you can do to keep your kids safe.

“We hand-wash when we come in from the house and we hand-wash before we eat,” said Frank Santora who has two young children.

His kids are around dozens of other kids every day. He thought the state having a hotline setup specifically to answer questions about the measles was helpful.

“I think that kind of hotline is important not only to tell you about the disease itself but also what the city and state are actually doing for you as a parent to keep children protected,” said Santora.

But the Tennessee Department of Health disconnected it despite more than 400 calls in the last six weeks.

When asked why it was disconnected, a spokeswoman would only say anyone with questions should call their doctor.

“Stay up to date and just be aware what the policies are across the board,” said Lori Earhart who is the Director of Green Hills Child Development Center.

Washing hands, bleaching toys and keeping the infants separated from the older kids are just a few things this daycare director said they do to keep kids healthy.

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