Hours after a man was shot and killed at River City North Apartment Complex Deborah Oakley said police forced their way inside her unit.

"I heard a loud boom, and when I heard the boom, I stepped in the living room thinking, 'Hey I just let him in and they're fighting that quick.' by the time I stepped in my living room I heard another boom, the loud boom I heard then is when I seen all guns pointed at me," said Oakley.

Police were looking for clues in the murder of Mohammed Sharifi. They said D'Marcus White Shot and killed Sharifi, court records show Sharifi was selling his X-Box and White had plans to rob him.

When police arrested White, he gave them the wrong address, just one digit off, leading investigators to Oakley's door. 

"It was very scary, because I didn't know what was happening," she said. 

Oakley said officers spent about 30 minutes searching her apartment and left a mess.

"It's two days of work just to get everything back in order, but it took me a month and half to get everything back together," said Oakley.

She said she got one of her cellphones back, but police have not yet returned the other items.

"They took two cellphones of mine, two tablets," said Oakley.

Her front door shows signs of the search, and three months later it is still dented and warped, and so is her sense of security. 

"When they knock on the door, it's a different situation. When they do that, I had no warning," she said. 

A Chattanooga Police Department spokesperson said that Oakley was told that once her tablets and phone have been processed in evidence, she would get them back. 

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