UPDATE: Tennessee American Water said water has been restored to customers following a Friday morning water main break in Lookout Valley.

"Installation of new piping has been completed," Tennessee American Water spokesperson said around 3:00 pm.

The utility reminds customers to run cold water to clear out air in lines and discoloration.

"We thank you for your patience and special thanks to our crews for working safely to restore service," the spokesperson added.

It is estimated that around 10,000 customers were affected by the water main break.

PREVIOUS STORY: Tennessee American water crews say they have to wait until AT&T comes out to lift their utility lines in order for crews to make repairs.

As of noon of Friday, it’s not clear when water will be restored. They are working to have water on before people get off of work, however, the road work could continue into the evening. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Some home and business owners started their day without water Friday morning.

A water main break happened at the intersection of Cummings Highway and Wauhatchie Pike just after midnight.

Tennessee American Water had to work the entire morning and part of the afternoon to make the repairs.

It's estimated around 10,000 customers may have been impacted by this water main break.

They said the significance of the loss of water varied.

Some did not have water, and others were not affected. But there were many who had low water pressure.

William Quails starts his day every morning at 5 am.

Friday he had no idea he would have to modify his routine.

“I wake up to make me a cup of coffee, and found out there was no water,” Quails said. “I said, 'oh I got a leak somewhere.'”

So he took his flashlight and went outside to look around, and he couldn't find a leak.

Then he called his son who told him about the water main break on Cummings Highway.

By the time Quails found out about the break, Tennessee American Water crews were already making repairs.

“It's hard to tell what the time frame is,” Grady Stout said. “Once we are able to remove the duct bank and see the extent. We think it will be this afternoon sometime.”

As crews continued to work on the water main break, the Quails continued to get ready for the day.

“I got my boys up to get ready to go to school,” Quails said. “Then I told him you guys are going to have to compromise this morning because we have no water. Then they said 'what!'"

Quails was concerned because this has never happened at his home before.

He knows some pipes in his neighborhood are older, and now he will be prepared if another break happens in the future.