A young woman graduating from UTC this weekend has overcome the odds just to walk across the stage.

Hannah Boulware isn't like most students. She's been a huge comic book fan for most of her life. She even did a presentation on comic book character Lois Lane at a national undergraduate conference this past year.

Though there have been times in her recent memory that haven't been so super.

"I can't smell. I broke my olfactory bulb when I fell. I have a permanent crack in my skull,” Boulware said.

She was a junior in high school when she had a seizure and fell down 17 concrete steps at Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts in 2012.

She was in a coma for two weeks, and was in rehab for nearly six months. She suffered brain damage and had to learn how to walk and talk again.

Doctors said her life would be more difficult after the accident.

"Well, in my mind, I didn't have to learn to walk because I refused to believe this happened,” Boulware said.

Though it was tough, Hannah says the best way she was able to move forward in life was with a little laughter.

"Took me the longest time to be different than I once was. And so, laughter and making fun of it and everything helped me move past it,” Boulware said.

Despite the odds, Hannah kept fighting.

"I wanted to show everybody that I could do it," Hannah said. "Because, so many people it takes them a longer time to recover as fast as I did. I'm like one in a million to recover as fast as I did."

Hannah went to prom, graduated high school and now, she will graduate from UTC on Saturday with her degree in psychology.

She is also on the Dean’s List, proving the doctors, who told her she wouldn't be able to do this, wrong.

"And I wanted to be like 'hey, I'm awesome,” Boulware said.

After graduation, she will be getting her Masters Degree at Kent State and wants to become a rehabilitation counselor, saying after her experience in rehab, she wants to help others recover.