Graves with no grass, graves covered in grass and missing vases and nearby residents said the stench coming from the mausoleum is once again a problem. Family members with loved ones said it's devastating that the problems continue. 

Jim Floyd walks Sunset Memorial Gardens regularly because that's where his son and granddaughter are laid to rest.

"Well I come out especially on Chris' birthday and on the day he died, and I usually try to come out at Christmas just to be here with him," Floyd said. 

When he visited their graves last week, he said he found them covered with weeds and tall grass. 


"We came out last week to change flowers my wife and I; if we hadn't had known where their graves were, we wouldn't have found them," Floyd said.

Floyd said he's filed a complaint with the state about the condition of the cemetery. So has Tyler Dooley, who has four family members buried in Sunset Memorial Gardens. 

"It makes me feel like their graves are being treated like a piece of property instead of how it should have been, their final resting place," Dooley said.

Dooley lives in the neighborhood behind the gardens. He said the mausoleum, which was part of a 2013 investigation that lead to the cemetery shutting down, is still a problem.

"I live about 100 yards away from the mausoleum, and once the complaints came out the first time, it would turn your stomach on what we realized we were smelling," Dooley said. 

He said in the last couple of weeks the doors have been opened up again to air the building out. Dooley said its frustrating to know the state gave the cemetery a second chance years ago. 

"Not only did we have to go through the process to file the complaint or the series of complaints that were filed the first time,  we're back here again," said Dooley.