Police have been working this armed robbery case for three months. They hope the promise of a reward will get them new information.

"It occurred the busiest time for a bank which is about 3:30 on a Friday," explained Chattanooga Police Officer Rob Simmons.

It was February 1st. A woman seen in photos may have been up to no good. The crime, though, did not happen there. The armed robbery would take place over off of East Brainerd Road on Knotting Wood Way.

"The victim was cut off in his vehicle by her and another party and robbed at gunpoint," he continued.

The investigation of that violent crime lead police back to the bank where the victim had just withdrawn a large sum of money.

"Video evidence at the bank showed the victim was being possibly targeted by an unidentified female," said Off. Simmons.

Surveillance video shows the woman waiting in line, and then leaving just after the victim concludes his transaction.

"She may have information about what happened that day, she may be a part of what happened that day," Simmons said. "But, we'd really like to talk to her."

Have a close look at the photos posted with this story. There is at least one thing that may betray her identity.

"We hope so," Simmons said. "Specifically, one image which shows the tattoos on the neck of the female."

The tattoos appear to be prominent, but a bit hard to make out in the images.

"Hopefully, someone who recognizes that tattoo and knows this female will come forward for the reward and possibly let us know how we can solve this crime," said Off. Simmons.

If you recognize the woman, if you know who she is or where she hangs out, call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.

Up to $1,000 is waiting for the right bit of information. Call with confidence. We will never ask you for your name.

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