A Red Bank police officer was injured while trying to arrest a man on April 27, an arrest affidavit explains.

Just before 6:15 pm Saturday, police were called to an apartment in the 4100 block of Dayton Boulevard.

When police arrived, they learned that Andrew Gibson had an active conditions of release that said he had to vacate the residence, the affidavit explained.

One officer said there was a bike outside the door and a fresh footprint on the door that made it look like the door had been kicked in.

"I knocked on the door and Andrew stated that I was trespassing and if I did not leave he would 'light me up through the door,'" the affidavit said.

The officer said Gibson said he had a firearm. Gibson then opened the door to where the officer could see him and a couch blocking it.

The officer gave verbal commands for Gibson to show his hands and open the door the rest of the way, but he refused.

A few minutes later when another officer arrived on scene, Gibson calmed down and opened the door telling officers he just wanted to grab his things and he would leave.

The officers went inside and tried to detain Gibson, but he took off into the back bedroom. An officer grabbed his arm, and they fell down in the doorway of the room.

Gibson refused to listen to commands and get on his stomach, so the officer used his stun gun on Gibson, the affidavit said.

Officers were then able to place Gibson in handcuffs.

"Once we had him in the parking lot, Andrew went limp and kicked out his feet locking his left leg around Officer Rubin's leg causing us to fall into the parking lot," the affidavit continued.

Officers got Gibson back up, but he then wrapped his legs around one of the officer's legs which caused Gibson and the officer to fall again.

The officer said that once he was free, Gibson began kicking and ended up kicking three officers.

Police used a hobble device to keep Gibson from continuing to kick.

Once officers placed Gibson in a patrol vehicle, the affidavit explains that "he then threatened to kill all Red Bank officers in ambushes."

An officer said in the affidavit that Gibson was also screaming in the parking lot that police were assaulting him.

Before officers took Gibson to jail, he successfully unbuckled his seatbelt, moved his hands from behind his back and removed the hobble device, police said.

While on the way to the jail, Gibson laid down in the back of the unit and kicked the door and window bars in an attempt to escape. He ripped the door handle off the door, the affidavit added. Gibson also tried to rip the officer's camera from the cage. He was unsuccessful, so he ripped the camera wire out of the camera and the headliner.

Gibson faces charges including:

  • Violation of Conditions of Release with a prior bond of $20,000
  • Aggravated Burglary
  • Assault on Police x3
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Property Damage over $1,000
  • Retaliation for Past Actions
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Attempted Escape

The affidavit said one of the officers had to go to an area hospital for treatment due to the assault on police and resisting arrest.