UPDATE: Chattanooga City Council members voted unanimously to approve an ordinance that will create a Police Advisory and Review Committee.

According to the ordinance, the purpose of the committee "is to strengthen the relationship between the citizens of the City of Chattanooga and the Chattanooga Police Department, to assure timely, fair and objective review of citizen complaints while protecting the individual rights of police officers, and to make recommendations concerning citizen complaints to the Chief of Police, the Mayor and to the Council."

The committee will have nine members. Those members will be appointed by each city council member within or outside their district, the ordinance explained. The members must then be confirmed by a majority vote of the city council.

The ordinance explains that the committee will be in place by or before September 28. 

You can read the ordinance below:

Channel 3 will keep you updated on what city council members decide.

PREVIOUS STORY: After earlier discussion to postpone another week, an ordinance that would create a police advisory and review committee passed its first reading on Tuesday night.

Chattanooga City Council members say no one questioned the importance of the committee, but some felt established policies and procedures created by the council should be followed.

Though voting in favor, Councilman Chip Henderson first objected, raising concerns about the community not being allowed to voice opinions on the same night as the final vote on the ordinance.

The final vote for the ordinance will be put on the council's agenda for May 14.

Public comments can be made during the meeting before the second and final vote.

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PREVIOUS STORY: The creation of Chattanooga’s new Police Oversight Committee hit a snag on Tuesday. It was discovered that the city council and the police chief were working off different versions of the plan.

The proposal for a new committee began after complaints about the department's own review process.

An 11-page ordinance setting forth the new format was scheduled for a vote next week. Now, it's more like wait and see. 

A paperwork error lead to an awkward delay in a question and answer session between the Chattanooga City Council and Police Chief David Roddy.

At issue, the creation of a new police advisory and review committee, but the chief and the council were working off different copies of the proposal.

"Constituents want to see something happening and it looks like we keep putting it off,” Councilman Russell Gilbert said. “I mean you must've missed it but it was emailed.”

The current version would have nine members, each appointed by council members from their different districts.

There was opposition.

"We think there needs to be a community-lead process to select those members of any type of board that is created," said Jared Story with Concerned Citizens for Justice.

Members of Concerned Citizens for Justice also call for police to not be involved.

"We believe that for any oversight of the Chattanooga Police to be effective, it has to be independent," Story said.

Ezzard Robinson with Concerned Citizens for Justice says he's looking forward to the finished product.

"Our people are scared of them. It has went from them beating people to us shooting at them. It's time for that to change. It's time for us to unify and get these lines of transparencies open so we can protect our children and protect our community," said Robinson.

A sentiment echoed by Councilman Gilbert.

"That profiling is always going on, regardless of whether it's police or not. We're just trying to put something in place so the citizens feel comfortable,” said Councilman Gilbert.

Chief Roddy requested a few days to go over the current proposal to see how it conforms to what is currently in place.

Councilwoman Carol Berz suggested going ahead with the vote next week and setting the date for implementation for some time in the future.

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