Hamilton Place Mall is taking on a new project to bring in more stores, starting a new initiative that includes local businesses. The mall will soon host weekly Pop Up Shops.

Local businesses will soon have new opportunities here at Hamilton Place Mall by being featured with their own store.

The goal of this program is to bring in traffic for businesses to help expand their brand.

Hamilton Place Mall owners, CBL properties, has done the Pop Up Shop initiative in their Huntsville and Lexington locations.

They say it was successful. So they wanted to bring it to Chattanooga.

“To get some of that local flair local artist, and boutiques that we have here in Chattanooga inside the mall,” said Taylor Bostwick.

Starting this May, local business can rent a space in the mall for $1,000 a week.

The owner can fill out an application, pay the deposit, and set up shop Monday through Saturday.

The only thing they need to bring is their merchandise everything else is included.

“You get all the fixtures included, you don't have to pay for utilities, you don't have to worry about signing a long-term contract, or anything like that,” said Bostwick.

Right now the mall has a 98 percent occupancy rate.

Marketing Director, Taylor Bostwick, says having this type of exposure is beneficial for business owners.

“They get to be next to your major retailers,” said Bostwick. “This place is right next to Bath and Bodyworks. So they get that benefit of seeing if your concept would work in a high traffic area.”

On May 9th, Hamilton Place will host a pop up social for those interested to learn more about becoming a temporary renter.

Bostwick says this event will allow owners to see if this storefront would work for their business.

“They can come to check it out see if it's a space they can imagine their business in, and that's a great way to get more information,” said Bostwick.