A very wet winter has delayed the seasonal opening of the Camp Jordan softball and baseball fields.

The fields are still in the midst of a $2.3 million dollar renovation which is still in progress. Crews have been working since January to get all the fields ready, but city officials believe the active work zones create an unsafe environment to host teams and games currently.

The completion of the renovation and new construction of restrooms and concession stands has been delayed. It's also believed that lightning struck and damaged the sports lighting that serves the baseball and softball fields, according to a news release from the city.

“We are working diligently to finish renovations and make the park inviting and safe,” said Adam Wilson, Director of Parks and Recreation. “Until that is accomplished, it would not be wise to open the park. We owe it to the community to make sure everything is done the right way the first time.”

Anyone registered for this year’s spring baseball and softball season at the park will be given a credit for the spring 2020 season, since games are being played away from Camp Jordan.

The City apologizes for the delay and greatly appreciates the citizens' understanding and patience, the release explained.