Sunday was the last day of the 23rd annual Corn Bread Festival in South Pittsburg.

More than 20,000 people attended, and organizers say all the proceeds will help the city.

Amy Rogers with the festival says they made more than $90,000 last year, and most of it went to helping the city's infrastructure.

But Rogers says the festival is more than just boosting the economy, it brought South Pittsburg back to life. 

"23 years ago, South Pittsburg was a dying community from a retail standpoint. And this weekend we are looking to have over thirty thousand people in a community that on a good day has about 3000,” Rogers said.

The Corn Bread Festival is the crown jewel of South Pittsburg.

Rogers has been part of their marketing team for several years.

She says not only is it popular with tourists coming to visit, the people of South Pittsburg love to be involved.

"You've got local baseball teams, softball teams, your daughter’s volleyball team, church groups,” Rogers said.

Rogers says the festival has become so popular throughout the United States, people are planning vacations to come down and try all of the great cornbread and other delicious foods.

"And people now think of South Pittsburg as a destination point. People plan their vacations coming to the cornbread festival, the last weekend of April every year,” Rogers said.

Last year the festival brought in $96,000.

Not only did vendors and local businesses benefit, the city as a whole got some upgrades as well.

"We've helped the city revitalize its streets, the landscaping, the brick paving on the sidewalks, all of those things. So, it's given so much back to our community,” Rogers said.

It not only has the festival saved South Pittsburg,

It's bringing new life here in the Tennessee Valley.

"It’s not just South Pittsburg that's benefiting from this festival, it's really the community at large,” Roger said.