This weekend, parents have the opportunity to get their child ready for kindergarten in the fall as the Countdown to Kindergarten gets underway. The sessions are free and run Saturday from 11am to 3pm.

The Creative Discovery Museum will give parents and caregivers the information and resources needed for their child to be better prepared to start school.

Kids will go through sessions like to improve their fine motor skills, literacy, and they will walk through real-life school experiences.

A few years ago, Chattanooga 2.0 did a study which said only 40% of rising kindergartners are ready for school.

One way to help is by teaching your child the basic understanding of what to do in the classroom.

At one station students will learn how to button, tie, and zip their clothing.

“So this helps them develop those fine motor skills,” said Kyrstin Hill. “That’s really important for holding pencils typing things like that when they get older.”

Hill with the Creative Discovery Museum says the goal is to minimize stress on children. She says learning these tools will help them not be frustrated at school, especially when their other friends are able to do it, and they can't.

“It makes for a smooth transition for the child, for the parent, and it really sets them up for success,” said Hill. “Those basic understandings keep building on after kindergarten.”

Also, to help the transition, will be a school bus situation because kids are mostly used to getting in and out of cars.

The purpose is to keep students safe while getting to and from school.

They will also have a cafeteria simulation.

“So they will go through the line, and put food on their tray,” said Hill. “They'll be able to take food and have a healthy snack while they're here. So again it just in emulates that experience. So they know what to expect.”

The museum will provide a book that will show parents what their child needs to know before the first day of school.

“The parents just read out loud to their children every day,” said Hill. “They should be able to identify shapes, colors, animals, and that's going to be really helpful.”