Amazon shoppers will soon be able to return purchases to a nearby Kohl's store. The retailers announced this week that items purchased from Amazon can be returned to any Kohl's store beginning in July. The two have been testing the model in around 100 stores across the country.

Online shopping is convenient. Until you find out what you ordered isn't exactly what you thought. Amazon offer refunds but, depending on the reason, will charge for return shipping and handling fees. On a recent purchase of a $10 item, if I wanted to return for a refund, Amazon charged $6 in fees.

The partnership with Kohl's means I could take that item to a Kohl's store, even without a label, and be refunded the total purchase price of $10.

Amazon Prime members can also get free return shipping on orders place through an Alexa device. If a customer asks Alexa to order an item, she'll scan their recent orders. If the item is found, Alexa will ask to confirm the purchase and place the order. If it doesn't see the item in your recent orders, it will add an item to your shopping cart as a reminder. You'll then be able to select the item you'd like to order. Only orders placed directly through Alexa are eligible for free refunds.

A Kohl's spokesperson told me all stores will be accepting returns beginning in July. Items can be brought to the store for the complete refund. Kohl's will then send those returns to an Amazon return center.