The Creative Discovery Museum is working to make sure children entering kindergarten in the fall are prepared.

"The first day of kindergarten is a milestone in the life of every child. Yet according to Chattanooga 2.0, only 40 percent of Hamilton County children are prepared with the skills needed to succeed in school," a Creative Discovery Museum spokesperson explained.

To get kids ready to be successful in school, the museum is hosting the Countdown to Kindergarten Club.

The club provides free information and resources parents and caregivers need to get their child ready to start school.

“Children who enter kindergarten with the emotional, social, physical and intellectual skills needed to be ready for school are more likely to be successful during all of their school years,” Jayne Griffin, Director of Education at the Creative Discovery Museum, said.

The museum's goal is to enroll more than 2,000 upcoming kindergarteners.

The museum said kids who sign up for the club will receive the following benefits:

  • A copy of “Blast Off” to read with your child. This book includes fun and exciting activities that will help prepare your child for that first day in Big School and beyond.
  • The official Countdown Kid t-shirt.

Kids wearing this shirt will be able to visit the following attractions for free

  • The Countdown to Kindergarten Celebration kickoff at Creative Discovery Museum on April 27th, 11 AM - 3 PM. (For one child and one adult)
  • Countdown to Kindergarten Days at the Tennessee Aquarium on June 1 to June 9 (for one child and one adult).
  • Creative Discovery Museum any time May 1 - August 1 (with paying adult).
  • Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center anytime May 1 - August 1 (with paying adult).
  • The Chattanooga Zoo anytime May 1 - August 1 (with paying adult).
  • Warner Park Pool and Splash Park any time May 1 - August 1 (with paying adult).
  • The Hunter Museum of American Art any time May 1 - August 1 (with paying adult).
  • Rock City any time May 1 - August 1 (with paying adult)

“Creative Discovery Museum is proud to partner with other community organizations that support parents and children as they prepare for this meaningful milestone,” Griffin added.

Parents can register their kids for free at the Creative Discovery Museum ticket desk through June 30 while supplies last.

You can also register online while supplies last, but there will be a $5.00 shipping and handling fee.

For more information, call Erin Townley at 423-648-6041.