UPDATE:  Firefighters say a Bradley County dispatcher helped them save a woman trapped in her home during a fire Wednesday evening.

It happened Tasso Lane around 8 p.m..

Bradley County Fire Chief and EMS Director, Shawn Fairbanks, tells Channel 3 25-year-old Lindsey Caywood called 911 for help after a fire started in the kitchen.

“911 what's the location of your emergency?” the dispatcher asked.  

“Hey I'm at 645 Tasso Road. We have a house fire right now,” a caller responded.

Moments after that 911 call, firefighters arrived to find flames and heavy black smoke. The man who made the call is Caywood's brother.

Caywood was trapped inside.

The dispatcher asked, “How many people do you think may be inside?”

Caywood’s brother replied, “Just one. Just one.”

Two minutes later, Caywood called 911 on her cellphone.

“Listen, are you inside the house?” the dispatcher asked Caywood.

“Yes, I can't get out,” Caywood responded, while coughing.

Seconds later,  the call disconnected, but the dispatcher calls back. She manages to get details on where Caywood is inside, before Caywood became unconscious.

“Engine 10 I believe she went unresponsive,” the dispatcher explained over radio traffic.

The dispatcher immediately contacted firefighters on scene. Fairbanks says she used the information from Caywood, and her experience with the Highway 58 volunteer fire department to help them.

“She knew she was upstairs. She knew that she was in a bathroom,” he explained. “She told them to sound their PASS device, which is the sound alarm on our air packs and she said because I still have an open line and I will try to tell you if you're close.”

Fairbanks says they found Caywood three minutes later. Firefighters rescued her through an upstairs window. Caywood suffered internal burns and was not breathing. Fairbanks says he helped perform CPR on her for about seven minutes until her pulse came back
“When you have a fairly young female that is lifeless and has no burns and the smoke has got her, you just work. Your training kicks in and you do what you have to do,” Fairbanks said after fighting back tears.

Lindsey was transported to Vanderbilt hospital, where is still recovering. Her family says she is strong and her doctors expect her to be okay.

PREVIOUS STORY: First responders were able to rescue an unresponsive woman from a fire thanks to the smart thinking of a dispatcher.

Bradley County 911 said a person was trapped inside a home at the 600 block of Tasso Lane NE that was on fire Wednesday night.

A Bradley County Fire Department spokesperson told Channel 3 a woman called 911 from her bedroom telling dispatchers she could not get out of the home.

A dispatcher was able to leave a phone line open with the trapped woman when she became unresponsive.

The dispatcher then guided firefighters to the individual's location by listening to where they were, a Bradley Co. 911 spokesperson explained.

Firefighters were able to rescue the woman and first responders were able to revive her.

The woman suffered internal burns and was taken to Vanderbilt, a fire department spokesperson said.

There were no burn marks on her body, but the fire department believes she inhaled too much black smoke.

"Bradley County 911, Bradley County Fire and Rescue, Bradley County Sheriff’s Office and Bradley County EMS worked as the perfect team last night and truly saved this life!" the spokesperson said. "Big shout out to all of you! We are so proud of you all! And in those moments when you think you don't make a difference, remember this call. And to the individual, we wish you a speedy recovery."

The fire is believed to have started in the kitchen, and it may have been electrical.