It isn't easy wowing or impressing a teenager with tech gadgets, but I bet they haven't seen some of these things before.

Typing out a text message on a phone is second-nature, but for typing out long form letters or notes, you need a keyboard. The iClever Bluetooth Keyboard is pocket-sized, portable and will connect to any smartphone or tablet. Keys are full-size and there's a trackpad. It isn't much bigger than a smartphone and great for anyone taking notes, editing, or working on a website.

You won't find many headphones better than the Bose Quiet Comfort. They are super comfortable to wear, the sound is totally immersive, and they cancel out noise better than any headphones I've tried. The headphones are perfect for loud dorms and airplanes.

It doesn't matter if they're techie or not, anyone with a few things that need charging will appreciate a desktop charging hub. This hub from Limitless innovations has six traditional AC plugs plus 4 USB charging ports. You can place it on or under a desk or mount it where you're going to need power.

Everyone needs a good sounding Bluetooth speaker and I'm impressed with Sbode speakers. This one has big bass, a built in microphone, built-in FM radio and it's splash proof.

Rocketbook notebooks are a favorite among students. They allow you to take notes on paper like you normally would and then scan.

The Rocketbook saves your work in Google, Evernote or will email it to you. Then, just wipe the pages clean with a damp cloth, and use it again.

There's another Rocketbook Wave you erase by putting it in the microwave. No kidding.

I guarantee they'll like these gadgets more than other gifts, like a Dr. Seuss book.