A new grocery store could be coming to Signal Mountain.

This comes after a proposal was shot down last year.

The new grocery store proposal puts it on the Walden side of the mountain.

Last year, when Signal Mountain residents found out a Food City would be placed across the street from Pruett's grocery, they were outraged.

Now plans are in the works to have another big box grocery store only a few miles away in Walden.

John Hawkins was born and raised on Signal Mountain.

He's seen the development of the Town of Signal Mountain and Walden.

When he learned about another possibility of a grocery store, he was happy.

“Bring jobs, and this places growing so much that there will be enough community to support two grocery stores,” said John Hawkins.

Hawkins says he would even consider picking up a second job part-time at the grocery store.

Right now, people in the Walden area rely on Pruett’s and Dollar General for their food.

He says having more options is needed and it could cost less for customers.

“Different types of food. Both of them don't carry the same stuff. So it just adds variety,” said Hawkins.

Some people who live on Signal Mountain are not receptive to the idea of having a big box grocery store.

Hawkins says this could bring more business to the Walden side of the mountain.

“They think this is so far out. They don't even know there's a carwash up here, and it's right beside the dollar store,” said Hawkins.

Channel 3 spoke to people on both sides on this topic.

They both agree that if the grocery store is coming to the area, then traffic needs to be a priority for developers.

“There would have to be some looking into for either stop signs or red lights,” said Hawkins. “They may even have to make the highway bigger.”

The next step to this process is for the planning commission to review the proposed application on May 7th.

Then, a recommendation is to be made by the planning commission, which could take place on May 13th.

The property owner's attorney John Anderson held a meeting yesterday to get some feedback from community members.

Channel 3 reached out to him for comment, but we have not heard back.