A grand jury indicted Janet Hinds Tuesday afternoon on ten counts related to the death of Chattanooga Police Officer Nicholas Galinger.

Galinger was inspecting a man hole cover on Hamill Road back in February where officials say he was hit and killed by Hinds.

Chattanooga attorney Martin Levitt says multiple factors went into this indictment.

"There are different levels of proof under the law. And it means they found probable cause that she has committed on whatever they have indicted her for,” Levitt said.

Some of her chargers are DUI, leaving the scene, and vehicular homicide by intoxication.

"Basically, the main charge against her is vehicular homicide and that's going to govern whatever happens. I think it's the most important charge since it carries the most jail time,” Levitt said.

Different from driving under the influence, if a person chooses to drive while intoxicated and hits and kills someone, they can be charged with a class B felony, which comes with 8 to 12 years in prison depending on their record.

But Levitt says since Hinds fled the scene, proving she was drunk at the time of the accident will be hard for the prosecution.

"What would possibly show what the level of blood alcohol content was in her body at the time of the accident? If they don't get a chemical test within three hours of when the accident was, it's far less accurate,” Levitt said.

Levitt says since Hinds turned herself in two days after the accident, there isn't any test to prove she was intoxicated.

Hinds is scheduled for court on May 10.

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