UPDATE: In a courtroom of about two dozen people Friday, the attorney representing Janet Hinds entered a not guilty plea on her behalf for charges of vehicular homicide by intoxication and driving under the influence. 

Those are the two new charges handed down by a grand jury. In total, Hinds has been indicted on 10 charges connected to the death of Chattanooga Police Officer Nicholas Galinger.

Hinds was not in court today because her requirement to appear was waived by Judge Don Poole at the request of her attorney, but Officer Nicholas Galinger's father was there.

Barry Galinger said this process has been difficult, but he has faith that his son will get justice. 

"We're very confident with the District Attorney's Office and the Chattanooga Police Department. They've just been outstanding and they have our support and we're really proud to have them helping us," Galinger said.

Hinds is scheduled to be in court again on July 11.

PREVIOUS STORY: Janet Hinds is out on bail for the second time and is now facing new charges in the death of a Chattanooga police officer.

A grand jury heard the evidence against Hinds, adding DUI to the list of charges. Police first charged Hinds back in February, accusing her of hitting and killing Nicholas Galinger and then leaving the scene.

Channel 3 spoke to Officer Galinger's father over the phone Tuesday before Hinds was released from jail on a $7,500 bond. Barry Galinger says the grand jury's decision will not bring his son back, and he has a message for the woman accused of hitting and killing him.

“Stand up and accept the responsibility for the decisions you made that night. You'll be more respected and more easily forgiven by our family,” he said. “I'm sure if she could take it all back she would, but she made those choices and now the judicial system is going to make her stand up for them.”

A grand jury indicted Hinds on a total of ten charges.

“It has brought the truth and reality to Janet Hinds of her grievance mistakes she made the night of the 23rd of February,” said Mr. Galinger.

That night police say Hinds was at the Farm to Fork restaurant in Ringgold. The owner, Hugh Harris, and his employees told investigators Hinds was there for three hours, but showed no signs of impairment.

In a March hearing, a Chattanooga officer testified Hinds had several drinks.

“After the 22-ounce Blue Moon she had another 22-ounce Michelob Ultra according to her itemized receipt, which matched with the video. She then had a shot which was recorded as a lemon drop, a liquor mixed drink. She had a third beer, Michelob Ultra as a 16-ounce beverage and then a fourth beer, a 16-ounce beverage,” the officer testified.

On Tuesday, Harris told Channel 3 he wishes he could comment on the new charges, but says his attorney asked him not to comment due to the ongoing investigation.

Galinger says Hinds' $7,500 bond is not enough.

“I believe her bond should be set several million dollars,” he said. “It really saddens me that she has the opportunity to walk back out those gates.”

Hinds will go before a judge to enter a plea when she moves Hamilton County Criminal Court for her next hearing, which is set for May 10th.

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PREVIOUS STORY: The woman charged in the February 23, 2019 death of a Chattanooga police officer has been indicted for new charges.

Janet Hinds was indicted by Hamilton County grand jury Tuesday, arrested and charged with 10 counts related to the death of Chattanooga Police Officer Nicholas Galinger. 

Those charges are:

  • Vehicular Homicide By Intoxication
  • Reckless Driving
  • Leaving The Scene
  • Failure To Report An Accident
  • Failure To Render Aid
  • Violation Of Traffic Control Device
  • Speeding
  • Drivers To Exercise Due Care
  • Failure To Maintain Lane
  • Driving Under The Influence

Hinds struck Galinger with her Honda when she ran through a public works barricade placed on an overflowing manhole cover on Hamill Road. She fled the accident scene, but was arrested several days later when she surrendered herself to police.

Hinds is also named in a $19 million civil lawsuit filed by Galinger's family.

Hinds was seen at a Ringgold restaurant prior to the crash.

Channel 3 reached out to Farm to Fork restaurant owner Eric Harris, who said 'The investigation is ongoing so I cannot speak on the matter. I have also been advised by my attorney not to speak. However, I wish I could. There is a lot to say.'

Hinds was booked at the Hamilton County Jail and then released on bond.

She is scheduled to appear in court on May 10.

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