Judging by the crowd at the gym last night, a lot of people are trying to get in shape for summer. The quest for a summer or bikini body is often thwarted by our own laziness. "I don't have time to workout" is perhaps the biggest excuse holding you back.

There are many apps in both app stores that promise to help whip you in shape. One of the newest is Seven.

The idea behind this app is simple: everyone can set aside 7 minutes to workout. No going to the gym, no special equipment, just 7:00.

Opening the app it asks for some of my information such as height, weight, age etc. It then asks what I want to accomplish in my workouts: more tone, more muscle, lose weight. Once you choose Seven recommends workout programs to help with your goals.

The total body workout is 12 exercises which should take only 7:50 to complete (not every workout is 7 minutes exactly but all are under 8 minutes).

Once the workout is started, Seven plays an animation so you know how to do the exercise, and includes a countdown clock for each exercise.

Some workout apps that recommend short workouts wouldn't appear to be very effective. Seven's countdown clock keeps you moving between one exercise to the next. Working out with even these basic exercises such as 12 jumping jacks and 10 push ups, if done consecutively and quickly will work up a sweat 2 minutes into the workout.

Reviews of the Seven workout app are largely positive in both app stores and it was a recommended app in Apple's app store.

Seven is costly compared to some of the other workout apps. One month subscriptions are $10 while an annual 7 Club membership is $80.

True, finding time to drive to the gym, workout for an hour, then driving back home is enough to keep most people from working out. Working out from home in a little more than 7 minutes may finally help you get the body you've always wanted.