The final school bell of the year is near, which means summer camps will be opening up soon.

The Urban League Of Chattanooga announced, last week that they will host a summer music program for elementary students.

The news caught the attention of *Edward Foskey* of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. 

Foskey decided to donate his brand new guitar, which happens to be the first guitar the program received.

Foskey moved to the Tennessee Valley from Washington D.C. over a year ago.

He tells us he felt the need to "give back" and to make good for not returning a guitar when he was part of the same type of program in New York City 30 years


Foskey explains the moment he decided it was time for "payback"

"I saw this and like you know this is God's is opening up the door there's not going to be another opportunity you got that guitar in there and you know what if you need another guitar you can go out and get one but somebody else needs this"

The musician says if asked he wouldn't hesitate to volunteer to give guitar lessons.

If you'd like to donate instruments for the summer music program, contact The Urban League Of Chattanooga at 423-756-1762 or email them at