This morning, several areas in Soddy Daisy experienced hail from a storm.

Thunderstorms that produced the hail started at about 8 o'clock on Friday morning.

There were two systems.

One started in Hamilton County, which worried one Soddy-Daisy resident.

Jessica Stewart was home with her children thinking the worst of the storm that happened overnight.

Moments after she got off the phone with her husband, hail came falling down.

Stewart shared a video of the hail from their bathroom window with Channel 3.

“We were upstairs,” said Jessica Stewart. “I was really worried it was going to wake or frighten the kids because it just sounded like the roof was caving in.”

Stewart says the hail lasted for about five minutes in Soddy-Daisy.

Channel 3 viewers report nickel- to quarter-sized hail in that area.

About an hour later, it was still frozen on the ground.

“It was the most I had ever seen,” said Stewart. “It wasn't the biggest, but the quality of it made it look like snow at first.”

Stewart was worried about her property and her vehicle, but she was glad that everyone was OK.

“The sheer quantity of it would definitely cause some damage had it been any bigger longer than it is for last longer than it did,” said Stewart.

The other storm system in the Channel 3 viewing area went from eastern Bradley County up to McMinn County.

If you saw hail in your area, be sure to share your pictures on the WRCB Facebook page.